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The objectives of this course are:

  • To introduce basic concepts and principles of acoustics

  • To describe the physical, physiological, and psychological principles of auditory perception and the concept of acoustic comfort.

  • To give an overview of architectural acoustics and environmental noise

  • To explain the characteristics of spaces designed for effective listening, working, learning, and other functions.

  • To provide an understanding of the theories used in building acoustics

  • To present the concepts and application of architectural acoustics in terms of acoustic enhancement and noise control in enclosures.


At the end of this course, students should:

  • -Have gained an understanding of the basic concepts of acoustics, and auditory perception

    -Have a comprehensive knowledge of theories used in architectural acoustics

    -Be able to identify, discuss and resolve acoustical problems related to architectural acoustics, and acoustic comfort.

    -Be aware of the analysis and improvement techniques, as well as material usage and applications relevant to architectural acoustics.


Grade Breakdown:

Midterm I: %30

Midterm II: %30

Final Exam: %40


  • Attendance to at least %70 of the courses is mandatory!